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Prof. Umrzakov Uzbekistan Rector Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Melioration 39, Qori Niyoziy Str., 100000, Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Tel: 998 71 237 09 58, Fax: 99871 2330919, Email: alimpulatov@mail.ru, Web: www.cascade.cacaari.org

Nodal Points

Name Country Position Organization Contact details
Dr. Arshaluys Tarverdyan Armenia Rector State Agrarian University 74, Teryan str. 375009 Yerevan. Tel: 374 1 52 45 41, Fax: 374 1 52 23 61, Email: rector@armagrar-uni.am, info@armagrar-uni.am, Daniel_petrosyan@yahoo.com, info@armagrar-uni.am, rectoraaa@usda.am, arman.manukyan@gmail.com, Hovik_s@yahoo.com
Dr. Mirdamed Sadygov Azerbaijan Rector State Agricultural University Ataturk ave. 262. Ganja, AZ 2000, Azerbaijan, Tel: +99422 561731; Fax: +994 22 560353, Email:kta@azeronline.com, rector@adu.edu.az info@adau.edu.az, icafarov@adau.edu.az, kta@azeronline.com, ird-office@adau.edu.az, j.maharramov@adau.edu.az, hamzanagif@adau.edu.az, hamza@nagif.info
Dr. Gela Javakhishvili Georgia Rector Agrarian State University 13km, Avenue D. Agmashenebeli 0131 Tbilisi. Tel: +99532 595253, Fax: +99532 534395, Email: rector@gsau.edu.ge
Dr. Tlektes Espolov Kazakhstan Rector National Agrarian University 8, Abai ave., Almaty 050010, Tel.: 8-727- 262-19-48, Fax: 2642409, Email: rector@kaznau.kz, info@kaznau.kz, kaznau.inter@yahoo.com, kaznau.inter@kaznau.kz
Dr. Aytbay Bulashev Kazakhstan Rector Agrotechnical University named after S. Seyfullin 116, Pobedy ave. Astana, Tel: +7 7271 317547, Email: agun.katu@gmail.com, agun.rektor@gmail.com, Kasenova_Aigul@mail.ru, nurgul_kent@inbox.ru
Prof. Tursunbay Kubatbekov Kyrgyzstan Rector Agrarian University after named by K. I. Skryabina Meredova str, 68. Bishkek 720005, Email: каа@imfiko.bishkek.su, kau.icc@gmail.com
Prof. Amonullo Salimov
Tajikistan Rector Tajik State Agrarian University Rudaki ave, 146, Dushanbe, 734017, Tajikistan, Tel/Fax: 992-37 224 72 07, Email: rectortau31@mail.ru; Web: www.tajagroun.tj
Mr. A. Babaev Turkmenistan Rector Turkmen Agrarian University named after by S. A. Niyazov Ger Ogli str, 62, Ashgabat, 744012. Email: desert@online.tm
Prof. Botir Sulaymanov
Uzbekistan Rector Tashkent State Agrarian University 3, Universitetskaya Str, 100140 Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Tel: 998712 2604800, 2690886, Fax: 998712 637501, 2603860, Email: tuag_info@edu.uz, glazizakhon@yandex.ru
Prof. Umrzakov
Uzbekistan Rector Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Melioration 39, Qori Niyoziy Str., 100000, Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Tel: 998 71 237 09 58, Fax: 99871 2330919, Email: alimpulatov@mail.ru
Prof. Ulugbek Tashkentbaev Uzbekistan Rector Gulistan State University 120100, 4 microdistrict, Gulistan, Uzbekistan, Tel: 3672-254042/ 250275, 2250275, 2254572, Fax: 3672-254042, 2253925, Email: guldu@guldu.uz, gdu@intal.uz, hkushiev@rambler.ru
Dr. Shodikul Khalikulov Uzbekistan Rector Samarkand Institute of Agriculture 77, Mirzo Ulugbek str., 703003, Samarkand, Tel/fax: +998662 343320, Tel: +998 3662 343320 , 2333420, Fax: +998 3662 340786, Email: samsi@uzpak.uz, saai_info@edu.uz, saai_info@mail.ru, xalilov_07@mail.ru
Dr. Oybek Yaqubjanov Uzbekistan Rector Andijan Institute of Agriculture Kuyganyar village, Andijan district 170600, Uzbekistan. Tel: +99874 222-17-84, Fax: +99874 373-13-63, E-mail: andsxi@mail.ru, agai_info@edu.uz, rektor@andqxi.uz, jumaboyev@andqxi.uz, manaviyat@andqxi.uz, ilmiy@andqxi.uz, ilmiy@andqxi.uz



                                   Dear Colleagues,                                               

Your kind attention is drawn to a letter below from Dr Ismail Serageldin, former Vice-President, World Bank and Chairman, CGIAR, Founder & Director Emeritus GFAR concerning endorsement of a joint letter to be addressed to UN, G 20, and National Leaders in different countries concerning "COVID-19 and Agriculture for Food and Nutrition Security ".

It will be highly appreciated if you could kindly go through the draft and convey soon your willingness (provided you agree) to be a signatory (along with designation and affiliation) directly to Mr Sarwat Hussain on his mail id:(sarwathussain50@gmail.com), as desired by Dr Ismail Serageldin.

With best regards.

Raj Paroda, GFAR Chair 1998-2002



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