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CACAARI is ready to welcome in its ranks research institutes, universities, farmers' organizations, private sector, NGOs and other stakeholders, including representatives of the movement of women and young professionals.

Memberships of CACAARI opens up a number of opportunities for organizations interested in cooperation in the field of agriculture. First of all, this is the mechanism of influence on the regional activities of the Association and the inclusion of the country's priorities and the priorities of your organization in the Association. In addition, it is an opportunity to represent the country and the region at various international meetings and access to constantly updated information on the work, conferences, trainings, as well as participation in activities organized by CACAARI. Also, membership in the Association will enable the exchange of new technologies and the creation of joint projects for solving the tasks of organization-members. Moreover, priorities and programs of the Association formed by its members and it offers almost unlimited possibilities for action.

Regarding membership dues, it should be noted that in agricultural science accordance with the Charter CACAARI, according to the decision of the Steering Committee of 15 October 2009, membership fees in 2010 are as follows:

agricultural organizations in Central Asia and the Caucasus (research institutes, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, educational institutions, farmers' organizations, women in agriculture, private sector organizations and others) - $ 100 per year from each member organization;

international member organizations of CACAARI - 3,000 US dollars per year from each member organization.

For more information about the history of the organization, its activities and goals, you can visit on the Internet at www.cacaari.org or contact the Executive Secretary CACAARI Mr. Alisher Tashmatov email: a.tashmatov@cgiar.org or phone: + 998-71 2372130, + 998-71 2372169.

To join the Association as a member, it is required to fill in 2 copies of the agreement form and send the scanned version to the e-mail address: a.tashmatov@cgiar.org.


  AGREEMENT BLANK (English version)



                                   Dear Colleagues,                                               

Your kind attention is drawn to a letter below from Dr Ismail Serageldin, former Vice-President, World Bank and Chairman, CGIAR, Founder & Director Emeritus GFAR concerning endorsement of a joint letter to be addressed to UN, G 20, and National Leaders in different countries concerning "COVID-19 and Agriculture for Food and Nutrition Security ".

It will be highly appreciated if you could kindly go through the draft and convey soon your willingness (provided you agree) to be a signatory (along with designation and affiliation) directly to Mr Sarwat Hussain on his mail id:(sarwathussain50@gmail.com), as desired by Dr Ismail Serageldin.

With best regards.

Raj Paroda, GFAR Chair 1998-2002



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