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The Regional CAC consultations on the Role of ICT in Research and Extension

Date: 04.12.2016

After the consultations with Central Asia and the Caucasus Association of Agricultural Research Institutions (CACAARI), FAO Bureau for Europe and Central Asia, and the Central Asia and the Caucasus Forum for Rural Advisory Services (CAC-FRAS), the common understanding on organizing the Regional multi-stakeholders consultations has been reached. Indeed the availability, accessibility and applicability of agricultural research outputs through the innovative ways to use ICTs in the rural domain, with a primary focus on agriculture are keys to addressing the current and emerging challenges in national agri-food systems.

In the light of this understanding, the Regional CAC consultations on the Role of ICT in Research and Extension will be held in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic, from 7-9 December, 2016.

The Regional consultations will help strengthen the linkages between Agricultural research and other stakeholders of AIS, as well as define collective and pragmatic actions to enhance the role of ICT in agricultural research and extension towards more sustainable agri-food system in the CAC region. Participants will discuss the ICT solutions, as well as technology, institutional and policy options for enhancing productivity and managing risks through diversification sustainable intensification and integrated agro-eco-system approaches.

The objectives of this expert consultations will be to:

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