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Round table meeting with the Mr. Henry Stoddard, United States Department of State's Senior Adviser.

Date: 07.12.2018

Round table meeting with the Mr. Henry Stoddard, United States Department of State's Senior Adviser.

26th  November 2009, TSAU hosted the meeting round table with the participation of the United States Department of State's Senior Adviser, Mr. Henri Stoddard, Information officer  of the United States Embassy in Uzbekistan, Ms. Susan Wood, with the Rector academician TSAU Botirjon Suleymanov, Executive Secretary CACAARI  Dr Alisher Tashmatov, and other responsible persons the representatives of partner organizations, TSAU, Agro information and innovation center under the Council of Farmers of Uzbekistan, women farmers and  "improving the skills and knowledge of Uzbek women farmers into agribusiness practices and exchange of experience" grant project implemention team.

This project is implemented with financial support from the United States Embassy small grants programe in Uzbekistan with the participation of international research centers-the members of  CACAARI - the World Vegetable  Center, IWMI, and national research institutions and organizations of Uzbekistan  and TSAU, Agro information and innovation center under the Council of Farmers of Uzbekistan with the  aims of teaching and training of women farmers with new innovative developments for introduction in production, providing high economic efficiency.  In the framework of the project with TSAU in scientific experimental station established Centre "AGROTEHNOPARK service", to provide services to farmers and agricultural production on innovative technologies of cultivation of agricultural crops, organizing training and consulting with publishing training modules for women farmers, established jointly with experts of international research organizations World Vegetable Center Dr. R. Mavljanova, International Water Management  Institute K. Jumabaev and T. Yuldashev and others. Training, advising and monitoring the introduction of new varieties, advanced technology, innovative solutions and methods for growing and cultivating crops in obtaining high-quality planned harvests.  

Use of resource-saving technologies. 

Prepared training modules on innovation: application of process in conditions of greenhouses (with hydroponic and normal);

Grafting seedlings of tomatoes;

Cultivation of Mash in the rotation with wheat;

The cultivation of potatoes and beets;

Cuttings of cherry;

Growing cucumbers in a new way;

Processing and drying of fruits and vegetables by using energy-efficient technology;

Drip irrigation;

Application of biotechnologies;

 Biotechnology (drugs useful microbes, viruses and mycelium, growth stimulators and plant development);

In the project participating  Faculty Exchange Program Alumni’s  of the United States Department of Agriculture: candidate of economic science, Associate Professor A. Tashmatov; candidate of technical sciences, Associate Professor B. Atabayev; candidate of economic sciences, docent I. Rustamova, S. Adilov; also the Center's Director, doctor of agricultural sciences TSAU M. Adilov, Director of the Center for agro information and Innovation under the Uzbekistan Farmers Council,  M. Yuldashev.


2018/12/07   Dr.Alisher Tashmatov




Dear Colleagues & Potential Participants, 

Institute for Peace & Dialogue, IPD is one of the leading organiser of several successful annual international academic trainings and research programs in Switzerland in the field of peacebuilding, conflict transformation, mediation, leadership, security, intercultural dialogue and human rights. Through these events IPD bring together academicians, state, private and public sector representatives for the sake of better and more peaceful future building via education and networking.

IPD is proud to announce the next International Summer Programs for 2019, which are to be held in Basel, Switzerland. Applicants can choose between the 1 or 2 days Basel Global Peace Conference, 10- or 20-day Summer Academy or the 3-Month Research Program, which may be combined with the 10- or 20-day Training + Conference participation, depending on the filled application.

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Venue: Basel, Switzerland



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