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Seminar-training of women farmers.

Дата: 22.12.2018

Seminar-training of women farmers. 

December 6-7 at TSAU was held seminar training for women farmers. Trainees were selected for training forward-thinking women Farmers Council of Tashkent region. Tashkent Regional Council presented a list of selected farmers, who were invited to the training. Also at the workshop were invited the representatives of Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan as observers. The opening was attended by the Chairman of the Farmers Council of Uzbekistan Aktam Hayitov, he noted in particular the progressive growth of women farmers and the importance of their desire to innovate and innovation.

On the opening day of the seminar at the second floor of the lobby was organized an exhibition of the achievements of young scientists TSAU, which met all the farmers and the participants of the seminar. From 5000 farms managed by women in Uzbekistan are among the main types of agricultural products are vegetables and fruits so according to a preliminary survey of the farms managed by women, direction of production activities were identified, most in need of support is the production of greenhouse vegetables. Among the modules prepared by leading scientists and specialists of the innovators were the issues of biosecurity and biocontrol  weeds,  production of tomatoes and  cucumber cultivation way, inoculation of “shpalier”, cultivation of potato plants, spread cherry seedlings way with " interkov” suspensions, processing and drying of fruits and vegetables the way of energy-saving technology, cultivation of Red beet, applying drip irrigation, etc.

Participants visited consulting and information centers "extension" at TSAU resource center, as well as Biodefense Center of TSAU, where they informed with the Biodefense laboratories and their activities; they were also presented products for Biodefense plants and modern ways of applying them. Classes were held in the center of "AGROTEHNOPARK service" on-site training and scientific station of the TSAU, the hydroponics greenhouse, built with the assistance of the South Korean program KOICA.  Evening hosted a reception with concert program of the students of TSAU.

At the closing of the seminar, 7th December, 2018   Susan Wood, Information Officer, Embassy of United States in Uzbekistan handed the certificates to the participants.  After the closing of the seminar special session was held with the participation of the representatives of Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan on cooperation and the Organization of training programs involving women farmers from Central Asian countries.

19 \12\2018  Dr. Alisher Tashmatov





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